Technical specifications & layout

Auditorium capacity

The Great Hall has two levels which can be entirely seated, or a combination of both standing and seating. Maximum capacities are as follows: 

  • Maximum seating capacity: 778 (Ground Floor: 366 + Balcony: 412)
  • Maximum capacity: 962 (Standing Ground Floor + Seated Balcony)
  • Ground floor standing capacity: 550
A detailed seating plan is available here: Great Hall Auditorium Seating Plan [PDF 870KB]. Plans for the Great Hall stage are available here: Great Hall Stage Plan [PDF 16KB] and Great Hall Stage Plan with Dimensions [PDF 18KB]. The use of the venue for all performances is subject to terms and conditions which are available here: Great Hall Terms and Conditions [PDF 329KB]. If you would like to discuss the requirements for your event, contact our Venue team.

Technical equipment overview

Below is a summary of the equipment available to assist productions in the Great Hall:

  • High quality audio system (EM Acoustics HALO Compact Line Array) 
  • Digital audio mixing console (DiGiCo SD-9) 
  • Theatrical production lighting 
  • Four intelligent moving lights (VariLite VL1100) 
  • Motorised stage curtains and black theatrical stage drapes 
  • 12m wide rear projection screen with 2 projectors 
  • Lecture/Presentation console fitted with Blu-Ray, PC, Laptop connections.
  • Extensive audio, video and communications cabling throughout venue

The full technical specification can be downloaded here: Great Hall Technical Specification [PDF 176KB]

Full technical specification

For more detailed technical information for the Great Hall, please click on the relevant sections below. Alternatively you can download the printer friendly Great Hall Technical Specification [PDF 176KB]

Load-in / dock doors: 

Single roller shutter from unloading yard.
Width of entrance: 1.3m
Height of entrance: 4.2m
Height of entrance from street level: 1.3m
Flat roll access is also available from the unloading yard into the auditorium ground floor level via two double-door entrances.

Vehicle access to unloading yard is accessed via the Queen Mary campus gates located on Bancroft Road. All vehicles up to 19t rigid body trucks can be reversed in via this entrance with ease. Access for articulated trucks is theoretically possible, but not recommended due to the nature of the access route.

All vehicle movements must be undertaken with a banksman.

Parking for up to 12 cars is available in the unloading yard – this must be booked in advance.

You can view the load in arrangements here: Revised load in arrangements: October 2014-September 2016 [PDF 330KB]

Maximum capacity (Standing Ground Floor + Seated Balcony): 962

Standing Ground Floor: 550
Seated Balcony: 412
Maximum seated capacity: 778 (Ground floor retractable seating: 366, Balcony seating: 412)

Ground Floor:

Wooden varnished floor – non-sprung.

Retractable raked bleacher seating (366 fully upholstered seats with alphanumeric labelling).

Seating can be retracted by prior arrangement to offer an open flat-floor space for up to 550 standing. Seating system occupies approximately 1.3m of the rear of the auditorium and the front row of 26 seats remains accessible when in the retracted position.

4 x 13A double sockets positioned around the perimeter of the ground floor auditorium as well as 3 floor boxes each containing 2 x 13A double sockets.

Ground Floor Auditorium can be accessed by audience members from 2 entrances from the foyer/bar and cloister, with an additional 3 fire exits offered which are not used for regular audience access/egress.


Fixed raked seating (412 fully upholstered seats with alphanumeric labelling – 4 have restricted view).

Balcony can be accessed by audience members from a centre vomitorium entrance, with an additional 2 fire exits offered at the rear of the balcony which are not used for regular access/egress.

Production & auditorium lighting and sound control is situated at the rear centre of the balcony seating. The production control area is not an enclosed booth.  

The walls to the balcony area feature two large windows fitted with motorised black-out blinds and red velour curtains.

Proscenium Width 14.0m
Proscenium Height: 6.7m

Stage area:
Iron to rear wall: 9.5m
Iron to front of stage (apron): 3.5m
Front of stage apron to rear wall: 13.0m
Maximum performance area: 14.0m(w) x 13.0m(d)
Stage height from auditorium floor: 1.3m
Stage rake: Unraked
Wings: SL: 3.3m(w) x 7.6m(d) (note area is used to store a grand piano).
SR: 1.9m(w) x 9m(d)

The front 2.4m of the stage apron is constructed from Steel Deck panels which can be removed to reveal the orchestra pit. Please note that this is a time-consuming process and can only be undertaken by prior arrangement.

Access from the dressing rooms is via double doors located USL and DSR.

Fixed steps to the stage from the auditorium floor are located each side of the apron (8 steps, 1.8m wide with single handrail fixed to auditorium wall).

Stage surface is non-sprung black painted wooden boards, except for the orchestra pit cover which is Steel Deck panels with black laminate finish to match the main stage. Stage generally cannot be painted for short running productions, but fixings/screws are permitted in certain areas if discussed in advance.

The front edge of the stage apron can be fitted with removable guard rails by prior arrangement.

FOH Advance Truss:

16.0m Milos M520 Quatro 529mm x 529mm aluminium truss (black finish) with electric hoist.

Top dead from auditorium floor to bottom chord of truss: 10.0m

Certified to 2000kg SWL uniformly distributed load on truss.
FOH Truss is permanently rigged with approximately 800kg of house audio/LX – see relevant sections for details. Additional equipment may be hung only by prior arrangement and in accordance with a rig plan agreed by the Venue Management. Bottom dead from auditorium floor to bottom chord of truss is limited to 3.0m due to line array hangs - suitable access equipment should be factored in to any rig plan.

Stage Grid:

Grid floor height above stage: 16.8m
Height to underside of grid from stage: 16.4m
Top dead of bars above stage level: 14.5m (except bar 11: 13.9m)
Bottom dead of bars above stage level: 1.1m

Grid can also accommodate temporary chain hoists/motors subject to agreed rig plan – please ask for details.

Counterweight Bars:

27 x Single purchase counterweight sets (15m battens)
10 x Double purchase counterweight sets (15m battens)
Certified to 450kg SWL per bar uniformly distributed load

All sets are 4 line drop with hemp rope operating line.
Single purchase sets operated from stage level in SL wings.
Double purchase sets operated from raised gallery in USL wings.
Loading gallery and grid accessed via staircase from stage.

IMPORTANT: All sets carry ‘gas barrel’ battens –  you should ensure that any equipment you wish to rig from counterweight bars is fitted with 75mm hook clamps, or bring other suitable rigging equipment for your luminaires/fixtures.

Current Rigging Schedule: 

Line set


Distance from Iron (m)







Motorised Curtain Track


House Traveller (red velour with gold trim)


Single Purchase


House Guillotine (red velour with gold trim)


Single Purchase


House Projection Screen


Single Purchase


Black Wool Serge Legs – 2 x 3m(w) x 7.5m(h)


Single Purchase


House working floods/examination lighting


Single Purchase


BWS Border – 17m(w) x 4.5m(h)


Single Purchase


BWS Legs – 2 x 3m(w) x 7.5m(h)


Single Purchase


5no. Chauvet COLORado II Zoom LED Wash


Single Purchase




Single Purchase




Single Purchase


House working floods/examination lighting


Single Purchase


Black Wool Serge Border – 17m(w) x 4.5m(h)


Single Purchase


Black Wool Serge Legs – 2 x 3m(w) x 7.5m(h)


Single Purchase




Single Purchase




Single Purchase




Single Purchase


House working floods/examination lighting


Single Purchase


5no. Chauvet COLORado II Zoom LED Wash


Single Purchase




Single Purchase




Single Purchase




Single Purchase




Single Purchase




Single Purchase


5no. Chauvet PixPar 24 LED Wash


Single Purchase


House working floods/examination lighting


Single Purchase




Single Purchase


8no. 1200mm White Silks hung every 600mm


Single Purchase


Black Wool Serge Rear Black – 17m(w) x 7.5m(h)


Double Purchase




Double Purchase




Double Purchase




Double Purchase




Double Purchase


House working floods/examination lighting


Double Purchase




Double Purchase




Double Purchase


Not available - rear projectors restrict use of this bar


Double Purchase


Not available - rear projectors restrict use of this bar


Double Purchase


Not available - rear projectors restrict use of this bar


Soft Goods:

3 pairs of black wool serge legs: 3.0m x 7.5m drop
3 black wool serge borders: 17.0m x 4.5m drop
1 black wool serge cyclorama: 17.0m x 7.5m drop
8 white silk legs 1.2m x 7.5m drop


1 x Tallescope (1.0m>4.0m)
1 x 3-Section Combination Ladder – maximum extended height 4m
1 x 3-Section Combination Ladder – maximum extended height 8m
1 x Folding platform steps with work platform – platform height 2m

Dressing Rooms:

All dressing rooms are located directly below stage.












Each dressing room is equipped with 13A power, mirrors, dressing tables and wash basin.

2 x WC and 1 x wardrobe/store also available below stage.

Production Office:

Production Office with capacity for 4 people located on 3rd floor of the fly tower office stack with phone & Internet connections available by prior arrangement.

Please note: there is no lift access to the dressing rooms or production office.

(see Full Technical Specification [PDF 176KB] for gel string).

Lighting Console:

ETC ION Lighting Console equipped with 2 x monitors (1 is touchscreen) and 2 x 20 ETC Universal Fader Wing.

ETC Sensor3 Dimmers:

Dimmed circuits: 56no to production lighting boxes, 23no to mains patch.
Switched circuits: 8no to production lighting boxes, 7no to mains patch
Uncontrolled circuits: 23no to production lighting boxes, 11no to mains patch
From patch: 82no to production lighting boxes, 36no to PL617 (located Stage Left)

FOH Projection Box:

7 x ETC Source 4 (14°) fitted with Apollo Smart Colour Pro 7.25 scrollers with 24 way custom scrolls (see Full Technical Specification [PDF 176KB] (PDF) for gel string).

FOH Truss:

4 x Vari-Lite VL1100 TSD Moving ERS Luminaire (1000w Tungsten Halogen) fitted with five Vari-Lite stock gobos.
3 x ETC Source 4 (15°-30°) fitted with Apollo Smart Colour Pro 7.25 scrollers with 24 way custom scrolls.

4 x Auditorium Wall Side Perches each rigged with:

6 x PAR 64 Long Nose 1000w (see appendix for gel schedule)

LX Bar 7:

5 x Chauvet COLORado II Zoom Tour RGBW LED Wash (7.7-35 degree zoom)

LX Bar 8:
3 x Strand Alto PC (2000w) with barn door.

LX Bar 15:
3 x Strand Alto PC (2000w) with barn door.

LX Bar 17:
5 x Chauvet COLORado II Zoom Tour RGBW LED Wash (7.7-35 degree zoom)

LX Bar 23:
5 x Chauvet PixPar 24 RGB LED Wash (fixed 20 degree beam angle)

Additional Loose Lighting Stock in store available to hirers by prior arrangement:

11 x Chauvet PixPar 24 LED Wash (generally offered as floor standing to up-light white silk legs or proscenium walls)
18 x PAR64 Long Nose fitted with 15A plug
10 x ETC Source 4 Junior fitted with 15A plug

DSL Wings:
4 x 125A 3PN CEE Form
1 x 32A 3PN CEE Form
4 x 13A Sockets

USR Wings:
1 x 125A 3PN CEE Form
1 x 63A 1PN CEE Form (designated for temporary sound)
4 x 13A Sockets

Projection Room:
1 x 63A 3PN CEE Form
2 x 32A 3PN CEE Form
2 x 16A 1PN CEE Form

NOTE: The incoming stage supply (MCCB TH3 board) is fed via 160A fuses. This represents the total available electrical supply across all temporary outlets on stage and total load must not exceed this amount.

Auditorium (Ground Floor):
4 x 13A double sockets positioned around the perimeter of the ground floor auditorium
3 x floor boxes each containing 2 x 13A double sockets.

Auditorium (Balcony):
2 x 13A double sockets in cupboard at front of balcony seating area.

Control Booth:
8 x 13A Sockets

Loose Power Distribution 

1 x 63A 1ph Input > 6 x 16A Outputs Portable Distribution Unit
1 x 63A 1ph Cable (5m)
Numerous 16A cables / 4 way splitters
Numerous 13A cables / 4 way splitters

Main FOH PA System:
EM Acoustics HALO Compact Line Array -

Main L&R hangs flown from FOH Truss -  each hang comprises:
1 x EM Acoustics HALO-CS Flyable Subwoofer (600w RMS, 1200w Program)
12 x EM Acoustic HALO-Compact Line Array Element (325w RMS, 650w Program)

Centre Fill (flown from centre of FOH Truss):
1 x EM Acoustics MSE-159 Wide Dispersion (750w RMS, 1500w Program)
1 x EM Acoustics MSE-159 Narrow Dispersion (750w RMS, 1500w Program)

Front Fills (mounted on front lip of stage apron):
4 x EM Acoustics i2 (200w RMS, 400w Program)

Additional Sub Bass (deployed on-stage if desired):
4 x EM Acoustics EMS-215 (800w RMS, 1600w Program)

FOH Amplification & Processing:
3 x EM Acoustics/MC2 Audio AQ-10 4-channel power amplifier
1 x EM Acoustics/MC2 Audio AQ-3 4-channel power amplifier
1 x EM Acoustics/MC2 Audio AD-9 2-channel power amplifier (sub bass)
1 x XTA DC1048 System Processor

4 x EM Acoustics EMS 81X full range quasi-trapezoid enclosure (250w RMS, 500w Program)
1 x EM Acoustics/MC2 Audio AQ-3 4-channel power amplifier

FOH Mixing:

DiGiCo SD9 Digital Mixing Console -
(located at control position at rear of balcony)

• 48 Flexi Channels, (mono or stereo) (Equivalent to 96 channels of DSP).
• 16 Flexi Busses, (mono or stereo) & Stereo or LCR Master plus 8 Matrix and Dual Solo Busses.
• 12 x 8 Output Matrix.
• Up to 8 Stereo on-board effects and 16 graphic EQ's.

2 x DiGiCo D-Rack remote I/O racks each with 32 inputs and up to 16 outputs connected to the console via Ethercon CAT5E bus patchable to facility panels on stage or in the orchestra pit.
2 x 16in/4out XLR Stagebox Multicore with 15m loom.

FOH Playback/Recording:

1 x Tascam CD2001B CD Player with incorporated iPod dock
1 x Denon DN-650R Solid State Playback and Recorder (USB / SD Card) with AES digital I/O connections to console.
1 x DiGiCo UB MADI USB 2.0 audio interface (48 channels of I/O)

Audio Tie-Lines:

As well as the DiGiCo D-Rack provision, the venue is equipped with 1 x 24 way analogue audio bus (BUS A) and 1 x 16 way analogue audio bus (BUS B) all 3pin XLR. Note BUS B is used for house audio system patch to amplifier room which limits available capacity when using the house audio system.
Venue cable infrastructure also includes (all patchable):
Speaker (NL4 Speakon), Video (BNC), DMX (5pin XLR), CAT5E Ethernet (Ethercon)

Please contact Venue Management for tie line schematics – capacity is limited by existing house systems.

Radio Microphones:

4 x Lavalier (clip on) Radio Microphones: Sennheiser EW 312 Evolution Wireless G3 system with SK 300 G3 bodypack transmitter fitted with ME 2 clip-on microphone.

4 x Handheld Radio Microphones: Sennheiser EW 335 Evolution Wireless G3 system with SKM 300-835 G3 handheld transmitter (cardioid, dynamic).

Wired Microphones/DI/Stands:

5 x Shure SM58 Dynamic Vocal Microphone
4 x Shure SM57 Instrument Microphone
4 x BSS AR-133 DI Box
10 x Microphone Stands (mixture of short boom, tall boom and straight)
Numerous XLR microphone cables to suit above in 5m, 10m and 20m lengths.


Single channel wired ring intercom circuit with connection points at control booth, numerous on-stage locations, FOH foyer locations, orchestra pit, projection room, dimmer/amp room and left/right auditorium boxes.

4 x Tecpro single channel beltpacks
4 x Tecpro single muff headsets

Show relay to all dressing rooms, dimmer/amp room and projection room.
Paging from DSR prompt corner, control booth and box office to two zones; FOH foyer/bar area and backstage.


3 x Sennheiser IR Transmitters mounted on FOH truss with coverage to all seating areas – broadcasts show relay audio feed.
10 x Sennheiser Stethoset IR receivers available from box office for patrons to use.

Haze/smoke effects may be used by prior arrangement with the Venue Management. Note that use of such effects requires the isolation of the Fire Alarm system and this may only be undertaken with the appropriate number of venue stewards/duty management in place during performances.

Use of other special effects (e.g. pyrotechnics, naked flame, etc) should be discussed with the Venue Management well in advance, so that suitable risk management procedures can be in place and the appropriate local authority or fire authority permissions can be sought.


12190mm x 9120mm rear projection screen flown from bar 2 counterweight set.

NOTE: Projection screen fills the entire proscenium opening which means usable stage area is restricted to 4m x 14m apron downstage of the screen. Stage area upstage of the screen must be kept clear to maintain rear projection throw.

2 x Christie DS+10K-M SXGA DLP Projector (10500 lumens) fitted on rear wall of stage.

Presenter console can be positioned on stage apron and is fitted with:

2 x Beyerdynamic ‘Revoluto’ Desktop Microphone
1 x Pioneer BDP-LX55 Blu Ray Player
1 x PC with 24” Smart Podium interactive preview monitor
1 x Wolf Vision VZ-8 Light Visualiser
1 x Extron 7” Touch Screen Control Panel
HDMI, VGA and 3.5mm audio input connections for laptop

The production control booth at the rear of the balcony is fitted with:

1 x Pioneer BDP-LX55 Blu Ray Player
HDMI, VGA and 3.5mm audio input connections for laptop
1 x Extron 10” Touch Screen Control Panel

Projection system can be operated to offer two separate 4:3 images, or a single combined edge-blended 16:9 image to fill the entire screen area.